Angelina Jolie surprised the entire parent Committee of the school of karate

Who would have thought, but 42-year-old actress Angelina Jolie is really a caring mother. Not only is she raising her children alone after her breakup with brad pitt, but personally driving them to extracurricular activities.

As it turns out, the Halloween celebrity brought to the training his nine year old daughter Vivienne in the school karate Shaolin American Self Defense Academy-themed cookies for all the kids. 12 of the guys from the band Vivian and their parents were pleasantly surprised by the act of the famous actress.

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Every time Vivian’s training, Angelina is watching her every move, looking at daughter and smiling is really cute

— said one of the parents to the Hollywood reporter.

The source added that Jolie is busy reading the script while her daughter is in training, and apparently, now its contents are top secret.

Recently it became known that Angelina will voice a character in an upcoming disney movie based on the book by Katherine applegate The One and Only Ivan. Maybe that’s the secret script reading actress? I hope that soon we will know more information about the new projects of the stars.

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