Angelina Jolie in search of love? The actress meets again on a date with her first ex-husband

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The movie star was caught having dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant with Jonny Lee Miller, the British actor whom she married in 1996. This is the second approach of these artists, however Jolie has also had sporadic encounters with The Weeknd.

The Hollywood star has begun to give herself a chance in love after parting ways with Brad Pitt. / Photo Por AFP

By N. Méndez
Oct 13, 2021- 11:48

At the end of last September, the actress Angelina Jolie was caught by the paparazzi leaving an Italian restaurant along with the singer The Weeknd. The speculations of a possible romance did not wait, but after that meeting both celebrities stayed away from the spotlight without giving the opportunity to know what else was happening between them. Now a new person appears in the life of the artist and a new cycle of rumors begins.

This is Jonny Lee Miller, the 48-year-old British actor who was Jolie’s first husband. This ex-partner was caught in a restaurant in Beverly Hills and after a few hours chatting they left in Miller’s car, according to reports from the agency specializing in news of the heart and the show BackGrid.

Lee Miller has participated in the films “Endgame” and “The Escapist.” Photo: AFP

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It is not the first meeting that these artists have in the year. The tabloids have already indicated that Miller and Jolie met last June at his apartment. Although the behavior and the closeness between them can give rise to a number of speculations, it is also known that both actors have shared a good friendship after having divorced. On one occasion, Miller spoke openly about the excellent relationship he has with his ex-wife, it is even known that the son that the British has with actress Michel Hacks is a very close friend of Knox Jolie-Pitt, the youngest son of the former -iconic couple Brangelina.

Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller lived together from 1996 to 1999. Photo: AFP

Jolie and Miller were married very young, when she was 21 and he was 23. They met on the set of the movie “Hackers” and just six months later they decided to give each other a chance, getting married in 1996. Their marriage lasted three years and received little media attention because both had not yet reached the peak of their careers. .

After putting an end to her story, Jolie met the actor and film director Billy Bob Thornton and decided to say “yes, I do” in 2000. But this relationship would also fail, giving way to the most famous love story Jolie has ever had. : with Brad Pitt.

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The interpreter of “Maleficent” has tried to avoid the spotlight and stay away from all the rumors surrounding her private life, however in recent months Jolie has surprised by revealing little-known facets, such as the day she opened her Instagram account –Although she shares more the social causes that she supports than family or personal moments- or the day she joked with Salma Hayek and was quite relaxed at a Mexican party. And of course, she can’t forget the day she was caught (without hiding) alongside Canadian singer The Weeknd, hopping into a car and heading to his mansion in Bel-Air.

On September 26, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd were photographed leaving the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Photo: The Grosby Group

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