Angelina Jolie found his portrait on the body of the fan

Анджелина Джоли обнаружила свой портрет на теле поклонника

Angelina Jolie found his portrait on the body of the fan [photo]
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The young British actor earned a kiss and autograph from the star.

Angelina Jolie recently visited in London. The star was spotted among the audience of the musical Dear Evan Hansen, who has put in the British capital. After presenting Angelina decided to look behind the scenes and meet the actors that were involved in the play.

However, one of the actors, which is a desperate fan of the actress, Alex Thomas-Smith’s meeting her was the limit of all dreams. His admiration for the star boy confirmed her tattoo of her portrait, which hurried her to demonstrate.

“My life today is a beautiful Angelina Jolie. She came to the “Dear Evan Hansen”. I showed her my tattoo, made by the lovely Courtney Lloyd, and she loved it. She signed it, kissed me on the cheek and said I’ll be back to look at my performance as Evan. I will never forget that,” shared Smith experiences under the joint images with a star.

Анджелина Джоли обнаружила свой портрет на теле поклонника

Angelina Jolie was delighted with the tattoo with your own image. Photo: Photo: Instagramalexthomassmith

In addition to the kiss, Alex earned another autograph Jolie – on her arm, near her portrait. And what is Smith going to do now? That’s right, go to the master who will stuff it under the image Jolie tattoo to contour her autograph.

Анджелина Джоли обнаружила свой портрет на теле поклонника

Soon the autograph Jolie, left a marker on the hand fan, too, become a tattoo. Photo: Photo: Instagramalexthomassmith

Angelina Jolie – herself a fan of tattoos. She recently showed their fans, starring in a provocative promotional video.

The actress produces a sensation almost everywhere appears. As previously reported by “KP in Ukraine”, the eldest adopted son of Angelina, Maddox, this year entered the University of Seoul. Star mother personally escorted the boy to school, arriving for this in Seoul, and the emergence of Jolie in the corridors of the University caused a stir among Korean students.


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