Angelica Varum explained why she doesn't go to Crimea

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Angelica Varum explained why not goes to Crimea

Varum admits that he wants to come to Lviv.

Famous singer Angelica Varum does not want her to be banned from entering the territory of Ukraine, reports with reference to TSN.

The artist in an interview with the YouTube channel & # 171; And talk? & # 187; said that she decided not to go to Crimea.

& # 171; I cannot go to Crimea. I have not traveled to Crimea for many years. I dont have an opportunity. Well, there is a possibility if you enter through the territory of Ukraine, otherwise I will be included in the & # 171; black list & # 187; and I won't be able to visit my relatives & # 171 ;, – said the performer.

Note that Angelica Varum was born in Lviv, so she has many relatives in Ukraine.

In addition, Varum said that she considers Ukrainians & nbsp; and Russians to be very similar and native people. And the political situation that has developed between the countries is & # 171; crazy house & # 187 ;.

& # 171; I am for humanity – for a peaceful existence & # 187; – the artist shared her thoughts.

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