Angela Merkel went to the isolation: the reason will surprise you

Ангела Меркель відправилася на самоізоляцію: причина вас вразить

Angela Merkel went to the quarantine
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The Chancellor of Germany, which just recently was walking around the supermarket in search of your favorite products, decided to remain in isolation. The reason is painfully simple – Merkel talked with the doctor, who later confirmed the coronavirus.

On the decision of Angela Merkel to go to the quarantine became known after the briefing, at which it insisted on the introduction of more severe restrictions in Germany.

A spokesman for Merkel Stefan Seibert said that the German Chancellor spoke with the doctor on Friday, March 20. He subsequently passed the test for the coronavirus, which was positive. The instructor plans to continue to perform their duties in spite of the isolation.

Ангела Меркель відправилася на самоізоляцію: причина вас вразить

Merkel had contact with the doctor, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus / gettyimages

In respect of the new restrictions in Germany

2 weeks in the country it is forbidden to gather in groups more than 2 people. The only exception is the family and those who live in the same household.

In addition, in Germany, closed restaurants and barbershops. Citizens are also recommended to minimize personal contacts and try to stay as far away from each other.

Note that Germany is one of the most affected by the coronavirus countries. It has recorded more than 22 thousand infected.

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