Android smartphone owners warned about a new dangerous virus

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 Android smartphone owners warned about a dangerous new virus

Researchers from mobile security company ThreatFabric have discovered new Android malware. The virus is called Hook. This is stated in the ThreatFabric release.

The virus penetrates smartphones and transfers user data to the operator, establishing full control over the device. The program can view and download messages, contacts, search history and even correspondence from instant messengers.

Hook's main target is banking programs owned by financial institutions around the world. To date, the virus has already been seen in the United States, Spain, Australia, Poland, Canada, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Italy and Portugal.

Experts agree that the DukeEugene cybercriminal group created Hook. They are responsible for the development of other dangerous BlackRock and ERMAC Android viruses.

Interestingly, among hackers, Hook is distributed using a service model. On the Dark Web, a ready-made set of hacking tools costs about $7,000 for one month of use.

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