Andriy Danylko is returned to the national selection for Eurovision-2018 Ukraine

Want to see formulaic repertoire.

Андрій Данилко повертається в Нацвідбір на Євробачення-2018 Україна

Applications for participation in national selection on “Eurovision” are still accepted. The semifinals will be held live on 10 and 17 February, and the winner we will know on February 24. It is known that the leading competition, like last year, will be Serhiy Prytula and members of the jury read more in our material.

Let us recall, the Eurovision song contest 2018 will be held in Portugal and the participating countries are already beginning the qualifying stages of the competition, reports Rus.Media. Famous names of two members of the jury that will choose a participant from Ukraine. Judicial seat this year is Jamal and Andrei Danilko. The name of the third judge of the STB will report later.

It should be noted that a member of the jury of the show “X-factor” for the third time will take place at the judges ‘ table of the National selection. Danilko will assess the participants, which will select the music producer Ruslan Kvinta.

Андрій Данилко повертається в Нацвідбір на Євробачення-2018 Україна

I sincerely wish Ruslan, who know a thousand years to him have enough courage and strength to take interesting and talented artists. It does not matter whether they are young, yet unknown people, or popular performers, most importantly, to have quality, original material that touches and evokes emotion.

Participants Andrew will enjoy the bright rooms and the integrity of the image of the actor on stage. The judge sincerely hopes that this year’s performers will not be to imitate foreign stars and will not choose a template repertoire.

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Андрій Данилко повертається в Нацвідбір на Євробачення-2018 Україна

I am totally against, when participants try to repeat artists who performed at the Eurovision song contest in previous years. No need for mediocrity, “we play foreign artists” or “we’re trying to please”. Want to see the repertoire of formulaic or cliché, which supposedly are the format of the ESC – it does not exist. Guess what will be popular this year – it is impossible, very often wins the Eurovision song quite unexpectedly, and the victory of Salvador Sobral is once again confirmed. But there are certain things that always must be considered, and which I, as a member of the jury, I will pay attention: what is the human song, as he looks like his number will appear on the main stage of the competition. For me important is the integrity of the image of the artist.

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