Andrey Khlyvnyuk says why he loves contests and talent shows

Андрей Хлывнюк рассказал, почему не любит конкурсы и талант-шоу

Andrey Khlyvnyuk says why he loves contests and talent show
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The leader of “Boombox” believes the path to popularity is deceptively simple and traumatic.

The leader of the group “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk told that not watching the Eurovision and doesn’t like contests. According to the musician, this path, of course, is one option for young unknown writers and performers. But it’s deceptively simple and quick path to recognition, which has many side effects, if the contractor is not ready to be an artist in the full sense of the word.

– Explain why. Not an untrained person to lower into the mine and to say “fucking”. What jobs, where, what, why, where is the trolley? What to do? You can’t do it, by means of allegory explained the musician.

Similarly, according to Khlyvniuk, it is the case in show business.

– Not the winner of the competition of cheerful and resourceful to put on tour. It will be very difficult. and he needs babysitters, and coaches, and many who do. This is the way. And the way conscious life-long. Jump over some things I want to do so: Bang – and you’re a folk artist! However, to remove then from the cross – “the winner” or “only this song I love, and all the rest – so yourself” it is very difficult then, – says Andrey.

He added that “childhood diseases growing body good to recover at an early age”.

Otherwise imagine the situation. Your daughter, or my, says I want “X-Factor”, or “the Voice.” And the whole family, all tetki-uncle, believe it, because God himself she whispered in your ear while she slept that she would be Nina Simon (NinaSimonе – approx.ed.). And imagine what would happen if at some stage, even if after the victory, she will have to return to a normal life from this frenzied pace, nerves. There are in fact the loans people take, there is a nightmare – horrified artist.

People choose contests, says the leader of “Boombox”, instead of to take up the profession, and to achieve my goals calmly and clearly. And do not expect that there will be someone and you happen to notice.

– No you’ll never notice. I’m not taking my bag with earned money is not going to give you will not say – “I love you and everyone will love!” And you do what you want with me. Motylej me, shouting that the room is not suitable, it is not something wrong, “in the critical days will not sing”. As always and all. You know, this is the way. If a person said he wants to become a champion in powerlifting, he can’t immediately weights 200 pounds to give – there will be trouble. That’s the way I feel about competitions, emotionally summed up Khlyvnyuk.

The musician admitted that the time to follow the new young bands that appear in the Ukraine, he, as a rule, no.

– I don’t have time to watch. And those groups that I think are young, they already think of themselves differently, and if I am someone will call be resentment. I watch, but in the same way as you. I don’t see it on the stage of development, you see, when it “sour finish”, you know. At the stage of “milk” can not see. And then make some conclusions, but also only at the level of like-dislike, – told the frontman of “Boombox”.

Andrey Khlyvnyuk was the coach of the show X-Factor in 2015-2016. The mission of their participation in the talent show, the leader of “Boombox” at that time was to give participants the chance he himself never had.

Parties that will go with me, I want to give a chance, which I never had. Victory is important, but I’m looking for those who came not just to win, and who are able to remain in the music forever, stressed Khlyvnyuk.

As previously reported, “KP in Ukraine”, February 8 decided the first participants of the final national selection for Eurovision 2020. They were three artists: Go-A, Jerry Heil, KRUTЬ

In the second semifinal on February 16 will perform the following 8 artists: MOONZOO feat. F. M. F. Sure, FO SHO, Elina Ivashchenko. Alexander Porazinski, GARNA, KHAYAT, David Axelrod, TVORCHI.


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