And who’s getting married: the Valley and Grishaeva came to the wedding of a friend in the white outfits

А кто замуж выходит: Долина и Гришаева пришли на свадьбу подруги в белых нарядах

And who’s getting married: the Valley and Grishaeva came to the wedding of a friend in the white outfits [photos]
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Photo: collage “KP in Ukraine”

TV presenter Lena Lenina got married for the third time.

The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” Nonna Grishaeva and singer Larisa Dolina came to the wedding of a Russian TV presenter Lena Lena in the same outfits. The actress appeared on the celebration in a white suit by designer Anika Karimova. In social networks reminded them that the white to the wedding should be the bride.

“And Nonna Grishaeva and Larisa Dolina specifically conspired about their outfits?”, “Valley as the moon fell… the white wedding came. Moloduha our”, “who’s getting married, I do not understand? Lenin or what? Or how?” “One groom. Two brides in white” – write users.

Followers of Lena Lena drew attention to the appearance of the Valley, which in the picture looks much younger than his age. She, for a moment, ‘ 64. Users believe that the face of the actress is heavily photoshopped and she is not acting like yourself.

Wedding Lena Lena was held at the restaurant Magnus Locus in Moscow, where her 38-year-old boyfriend Anton Ignatov works as a chef. According to the presenter, initially, to arrange a lavish feast she wanted. But at the last moment changed his mind and organized a massive wedding for family and friends. Among the invited guests included producer Bari Alibasov, actress Natalia Bochkareva and Evelina Bledans, Katya LEL, the singer, actress Svetlana Permyakova and Zhanna Epple.

In a landmark day for the pair bride was replaced by two images. The ZAGS went in a white dress from designer Zuhair Mourad worth 10 million rubles (more than 3.8 million UAH), and then changed it to lush outfit by designer Anika Karimova. Lenin also shocked the guests with his new haircut. The usual in “the tower” from the hair of the journalist has changed to a haircut under the boy.

Reference “KP”

Lena 40 years. Ukrainian viewers she is known as presenter of “Hto Hoca same for my sin” and “the Reception of Lena”.

Before marriage with Anton Ignatov journalist was married twice. The first husband of the star was a man by the name of Povalyaev, the relations with whom she has a son Clement. In 2012 Lena Lenina married a French count Pascal Florent-Edward. The couple broke up two years later because of jealousy of the spouse.


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Julius Zori admitted that preparing for the wedding.

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