And the kids grew up and went to Instagram: how are page young Polyakova, Pedan, Potapenko and other

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

And the kids grew up and went to Instagram: how are page young Polyakova, Pedan, Potapenko and others [photos]
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Photo: Instagram Gorovoy

What do you think of the star’s parents about the life of their successors in social networks and how they control them.

Recently, the eldest son Cristiano Ronaldo started a page on Instagram. The first publication of 9-year-old boy was a short appeal to the users. “Hey, guys! This is my page in Instagram! Hope you like it,” wrote Cristiano Junior in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Then he published two pictures, one of which is depicted Cristiano with his star father, brother and sisters, bathing in the tub. Only a week page star son has collected more than a million subscribers. What do the children of our celebrities? And whether mom and dad that their children are promoted in social networks?

Maria Polyakova

The daughter of singer Olya Polyakova (15), 143 thousand subscribers.

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

Masha and Olya – and who have longer legs? Photo: Instagram Polyakova

Mary presents herself as a cheerful person and meme goddess. For example, ask friends about the sport, and she admits she likes training, going to the gym 6 times a week. Still holds rallies, publish your photos and videos, well with the famous mom, of course. Olya and she is often zahazhivaet to the page daughter, where to leave comments and even fighting back the haters.

“Mary, if I listened to all the well wishers in your life, then now would be sitting in the winery and scribbling comments with closed accounts under the positions of the stars and their children, pouring out on them his gray failed life! writes Polyakova-senior under the daughter. But I chose a different path of learning, development and day-to-day work, the way you are now! So don’t turn around at the hiss of losers, this sound is always behind the successful and the secret is that the hiss then turns into a delighted roar. Block and now these creatures, my beautiful fairy.”

As admitted the singer, Masha already earns money in Instagram, and she can provide itself.

Lera Pedan

The daughter of broadcaster a New channel Alexander Pedan (14 years), 28.4 thousand subscribers.

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

Daddy’s girl. Photo: Personal archive Lera Pedan

“It’s cozy and fun, writes Valerie on the page. Horoscope every morning, doing surveys every Friday.”

– Lera she has Instagram, and leads him to his pleasure, – says Alexander Pedan. – Sometimes, he ask for Leroux to score some photos. Despite the fact that post regularly, she still manages to maintain activity on the page – surveys and other chips. She is able to communicate with their audience. And I really like her Instagram. Valerie, in turn, advises which photo is better on my page. She has very good taste.

Pedan says – daughter activity in social networks does not control:

– Trust your daughter know that she is educated and would never make anything extra. Once we had a talk about the fact that Leroy spends too much time. And I wanted him to cut. But, as explained daughter, today, Instagram for youth on the same level with the messenger – they are there to communicate. Lera may not put storis, watch pictures, and just chat in direct with friends.

According to the presenter, that is today’s generation Z – for them there is no difference, to chat live or write messages.

And forcibly take away the gadget or make you visit some circles is pointless, you’re only hurting the relationship with your child. Teenagers need to be interested to the “action” that you receive from the phone, they got in the same sport clubs, – Alexander considers.

Diana Wild

Daughter Lilia Rebrik (7 years), 6398 thousand subscribers.

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

Diana’s eldest daughter Lily Rebrik. Photo: Instagram Rebrik

The daughter of actress and presenter of TV channel “Ukraine” Lilia Rebrik and choreographer Andrew Wild from time to time will post their photos as well as other stars. Yes, it is pictures of pictures with Yuri Gorbunov, Francisco Gomez, Nadia Dorofeeva… Selfie with mom – is also a priority.

– My daughter really wanted to have their own page in Instagram, – says Liliya Rebrik. But she said, it controls the age, and if you’re without the consent of parents spread a post, the social network removes it yourself. She took it as a rule, only once tried to post a photo without permission. And my phone, of course, have access to her page. When I saw that she made a post without my knowledge, was immediately removed. Daughter came to me crying: “Mom, I have deleted the post”.

Lily admits: there was nothing wrong with the usual picture. But since her daughter did not adhere to the agreement, Instagram in the face of mom the publication was removed. Since then – no liberties.

– I’m in the settings set so that messages with its pages displayed on the screen for me. So you can keep track of them at the same moment, when they come, says TV presenter. – Always in control, it is very important because, unfortunately, in social networks there are so many different people. Openly about it with Diana I say and explain that not all comments need to respond.

Veselin and Arthur official trailer

The children of musician and actor Sergey Babkin – Veselin (9 years old), 1857 subscribers, and Arthur (13), 2467 subscribers.

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

Sergey Babkin is not in control of life Vaseline and Arthur in social networks. Photo: Instagram Babkina

Guys publish their photos, sometimes with my parents, but store page is not very active.

Have Vaseline and Arthur have their own Instagram pages, they are their own, we Sneja not help, – says Sergey Babkin. Veselin only asks to photograph her, said, “Make me a beautiful view”. But often photographs herself, creates images of events that she needs to share. And Weighing have created a separate page where amazingly makes slime (toy “slime”. – Ed.) – plans to promote and sell them. Arthur, too, have an account, but it is not as often as girls posting photos.

According to the musician, he and his wife children “do not watch”.

– Hang out in social networks, of course, cool. This time. Now virtually all communication, all work – in social networks. Why limit children? – says Babkin. – They have tons of virtual friends with whom they communicate. Veselin shows us his friends, Arthur is his.

Andrew Potapenko

Son of Potap and producer Irina Gorovoy (11 years), 45.4 thousand subscribers.

А детки выросли и ушли в Instagram: как ведут страницы юные Полякова, Педан, Потапенко и другие

Potap is discussing with Andrew the life of the Network. Photo: Instagram Potapenko

Andrew from black and white: the Manager of the page – mother Irina Gorovaya.

– According to the rules of Instagram, children under the age of 13 are unable to account alone, therefore, I Andrew help, control, but giving the freedom of expression, – says Irina Gorovaya. – Do not prohibit, and explain how to use the social network for the development, interchange and retrieve useful information. Since every modern child has a gadget that bans parents nothing can be achieved. Our task is to guide and teach their children digital literacy.

Ira says that the son himself is planning posts, writes stories, sometimes collaborating with various brands.

– Initially it was for fun of Andrew, and then he realized that through social networks may share their stories and experiences, she explains. – And after of one of the posts gave him a spinner, I realized that becoming popular and his account may be also advertising platform. For example, not so long ago they had this great advertising campaign with the Bank – Andrew talked about his personal experience of using a children’s card.

In turn Potap considers that the social network is an integral part of modern culture, so it is important to teach children how to use them properly until a certain age to be controlled to avoid all sorts of adventures.

We have approved a scheme of light control: try to communicate, to share with each other. Moreover, Andrew is a guy public, he understands that instagram is communication, part of life, on this site he’s building his personal line, – says Potap.

The popularity of the star children – in subscribers

  • Alina Belkevich

The daughter of Anna Sedokova, 15 years old, 165 thousand subscribers

  • Sonia Kiperman

Daughter Vera Brezhneva, 18, 145 thousand subscribers

  • Zlata Mitchell

Daughter Olga Freimut, 14, 28.8 thousand subscribers

  • Cooking Koshevaya

Daughter Eugenia Kosh, 12, 22.2 thousand subscribers

  • Mary Kravets

The eldest daughter Elena Kravets, 17 years old, 14.3 thousand

  • Anna Borisyuk

Daughter Olga Sumy, 18, 1825 subscribers.


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