Anastasia Prikhodko radically changed her image

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Anastasia Prikhodko radically changed her image


Anastasia Prikhodko

The performer talked about how she once quit smoking and remembered her political activities.

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko posted photos on Instagram where she appeared with a radically different hair color.

The performer has always been a brunette, but now she has transformed into a platinum blonde.

Prikhodko posed in a cherry jacket against the background of the flag of Ukraine.

“And no one even thought that I quit smoking cigarettes for this very reason! In one of the most psychologically difficult periods in my life – during political activity. In my deep conviction, a politician should set an example. I tried to keep the bar and be Yes, it was a period that I would like to forget as a bad dream, because there are no winners in the fight against windmills. This topic will never be here again. But, I said honestly. So thanks to this period of my life! I became We are looking for pluses in everything, friends! “, – wrote Nastya.

Recall earlier Prikhodko confessed her love to her husband.

Anastasia Prikhodko decided on “plastic” face

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