Anastasia Ivleeva reacted to Elj’s song after the divorce

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Anastasia Ivleeva reacted to Elj’s song after the divorce

A popular blogger commented on her ex-husband’s new track.

Anastasia Ivleeva. Photo:

Ex-host of “Heads and Tails” Anastasia Ivleeva shared her impressions of the song of rapper Aljay, who dedicated her to her relationship with her ex-wife. The couple announced their divorce at the end of August. The presenter admitted that this is more of a brother-sister relationship, it was time to put an end to it.

In a conversation with her friend Ida Galich, Ivleeva told what she was doing after the divorce. When Galich asked if she had heard the ex-spouse’s new song, Ivleeva said that she would have a comment.

“Could he write something more interesting? Three years of life, three years of events, love, so much connects us … You can write a whole album there! I thought that a song would come out, I would burst into tears, everything would be in puddles … And there “is no longer your dick”, “it was cool, chao-cocoa!” Well, good evening! Here, girls, that’s what makes a good parting! ” – the blogger was indignant in her video blog on YouTube.

Ivleeva was amazed at how her ex-husband took the separation. The girl said that she regrets the peaceful parting with Aljay.

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