An unusual but worthy profession Ukrainka in the Netherlands

Woman dalecone.

Незвична, але достойна професія українки в Нідерландах

30-year-old Elena Drovnyak – dalecone, reports Rus.Media. Not only is she a skilled driver controls cargo “Mercedes”, but also has a scientific degree: candidate of agricultural Sciences. He graduated from the Nikolaev national agrarian University (faculty of “Technology of production animal products”). He defended his thesis. Worked in the enterprise with a degree, wanted to teach. And the post of lecturer at the University, for it was not.

Decided to go to Poland. There’s got unusual for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity work. Why the woman decided to radically change his life, is not afraid to steer the truck and who is its star relative? This was told in an exclusive interview with “EOI”.

— After defending his thesis as a specialist in our University, I do not need them. Push through all the posts to their children, nephews, granddaughters. I then worked on one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine. The work was difficult. Had to work 16 hours. Already in middle age began to find its roots. The father was Polish, died when I was six months. And I went to Poland. Received the Card of the pole. But there my specialty was not needed. Worked at the plant, where they made mattresses for IKEA. But on the contrary was driver training. After work to go to school. The training took a year. Today I have the right to control even a truck with a trailer.

Elena said that working for a firm that carries fresh meat. In the German Department (at this company there is still a French Department, English and Ukrainian, in Ukraine deliver medical supplies). From the words of Helen, the meat picks up from the base, which is located in the Netherlands, and drove to a specific point. Elena weighs 55 pounds, and she’s over 40 tons! The most difficult thing, says, when carcasses of meat hanging on hooks. On turns it seems that the car will turn over. By the way, in Europe girls dalecone is not uncommon. Especially in Sweden and the Netherlands. There’s girls in trucks is not seen as a “white Raven”. Unlike Ukraine.

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— I was asked by the poles, why not bought the rights in Ukraine. I replied that I wanted to learn to ride. In Poland to buy a driver’s license impossible. I asked if they have corruption, instructors with one voice answered: “all who take the exams, a high salary is about 2 thousand euros.” If anyone will be suspected of the slightest fraud, you will lose everything. In particular, high pensions. Inclusive with the property. Abroad the rules of the road are taught from kindergarten.

Recently, I was driving a car in Lviv region, night. I was so scared. Understand why Ukraine has so many accidents. Pedestrians do not have on clothes reflectors. Barely bypassed the cyclist who was riding on the shoulder. I have not seen him! The Bicycle had no reflective katafot. This picture still stays before my eyes.

— What country the car ride easier?

— In Germany to drive a hard. So there is intense movement and often on the road repairs. And the Germans “heavy” to drive. There is more going on accidents. It is easier to drive in the Netherlands. In this country, smooth road. In France easy to ride. There is a toll road. But the majority of people passes their save. In Ukraine, a truck I drove. But I have enough cars. Well, the roads in Ukraine lately began to repair.

— You often stop on the road to whom did you ride?

Always. (smiles – Ed.). Especially those who are hitchhiking. But our firm prohibits the drive of third parties. Partner I have. The longest distance one has to overcome, 500?600 kilometers. Most often leaving me in the evening. In the morning the meat should be the customer. But “jitters” and have still. Don’t know how much time must pass. Overcome every 100?150 miles for me already happiness, joy and inner satisfaction.

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— How do you relax?

— Saturday-Sunday going to the pool or sauna. We have a lot of holiday complexes in the vicinity of the company. Try to relax. Relax. Many walk on foot, because, after all, sessile.

Elena has his own blog on “YouTube”. Tells not only about the driving experience, and how was the map of the pole and settled in Poland. She admits, most of the time spends in travelling, therefore, is not tied to one place. Once had a flight that woke up in the Netherlands, drinking coffee in Belgium, eating brioche for lunch in France, and had dinner and went to bed in Germany.

You men say that your work is not quite women’s risky.

Men there, but women often talk about it. They have no soul and all that. The answer is that the firm pays for paid Parking. Any discomfort with the hygiene there. And driving truck is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. For me personally to ride in a big car and control it great fun. Sitting up, I see it all around. When you sit in a car, it seems that sitting on the ground. (smiles – Ed.).

But my family did not believe at first that I wanted to become a driver, and thought it was not serious. Mom today is not, what kind of car I drive. If she saw, it probably would have been delighted. I have hope that the time will come and I’ll take mom across Europe (Salary dalconi – about 3 thousand euros. The Dutch, according to her, earn significantly more. – Ed.). But one time that I had a dangerous situation. Went from the mountain, the speed was considerable, suddenly some driver started to overtake me and push to the side.

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When we took over the DVR and I do not understand why it was done. So other than crash, on the road no more danger not see. Because spending the night on the pay-lighted Parking lots, where there is video surveillance. However, still hope that will be able to work in the specialty. And it needs to move to the Netherlands. There the livestock industry and agriculture develop rapidly. The Dutch always something selekcioniruut. I teach Dutch language.

Elena, as it turns out, is a relative of the artist Nikifor Drovnyak. Her grandfather was a cousin Nikifor. A monument to the artist established in Lviv at the Museum square. Elena many times was in Lviv, but to the legendary monument and went… Promises to do it next time I visit the Lion city.

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