An unsuccessful injection will cost Terem 500,000 shekels

 An unsuccessful injection will cost Terem 500,000 shekels

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A harmless injection of Voltaren, which fell into an unfortunate zone, led to paralysis of the foot of a 32-year-old woman.

After the injection, A. felt sharp pain and numbness in her leg, but the hospital said “it will pass”, but “it did not pass”. It has been 6 years since the injection. Now A. is 38 years old, she has serious problems with walking, because one of her feet has remained paralyzed.

The Terem clinic in Modiin is obliged by a court decision to pay half a million compensation to the victim.

In a ruling issued earlier this week by Judge Mika Banki in the Jerusalem District Court, it was found that the chain of emergency medical clinics “does not” liability for damage caused to the victim due to careless handling by an unqualified employee. However, A. was awarded NIS 400,000 in compensation for the pain and suffering caused to her and the costs of treatment, assistance and travel due to her condition, as well as NIS 123,000 in legal costs.

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