An unforgettable match: Messi broke Pele's record

Unforgettable match: Messi broke Pele's record

The footballer Lionel Messi, who recently joined PSG and continues to play for the Argentine national team, has broken the record of famous colleague Pele for the number of goals scored for the South American national team.

Pele once set a record with 77 goals for Brazil. However, during the Argentina-Bolivia match, Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick, and the number of goals he scored for his national team increased to 79.

After the match, Messi thanked his fans and said that he was very waited a long time for this moment. The footballer noted that this match was unforgettable.

By the way, the absolute record for the number of goals for the national team belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 111 goals for the Portuguese team.

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