An irreplaceable part of any picnic – fresh juicy meat

An irreplaceable part of any picnic - fresh juicy meat

Meat & mdash; an integral part of the diet of every person. Its beneficial properties have a positive effect on the body. The main component of the product & mdash; a protein that plays an important role in cell growth and repair. In addition to this substance, meat contains a large number of nutrients with the following properties:

  • vitamin D supports the functioning of thyroid hormones and ensures blood clotting;
  • iron removes toxins from the body, improves cholesterol metabolism;
  • potassium lowers blood pressure, supplies the brain with oxygen;
  • < li> zinc promotes tissue healing, helps the immune system fight viruses and bacteria;

  • iodine regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body.

The recommended amount of meat for a healthy person is 150 grams per day. It is a versatile product used for making salads, soups, side dishes.

In the Novus chain you will find rabbit, turkey, chicken, beef, duck, lamb and pork. Barbecue lovers can order with delivery the most popular part of the carcass & mdash; neck and ribs.

If you do not have time to cook, the store has ready-made minced meat and semi-finished products & mdash; chicken strips, marinated broiler chicken thighs, pork shank, shashlik, steak, etc.

In the store, the cost for the entire range is low. The network regularly operates bonus programs. By subscribing to the Novus newsletter, you will always be aware of discounts on the goods you need.

Buy fresh meat in Ukraine

If you work late and do not know where to buy juicy fresh meat, then shopping in the online store & mdash; the best choice.

Novus sells exclusively fresh meat from trusted brands, including Epicur, Biovela, Terra Rich, T-bone, & ldquo; Nasha Ryaba & rdquo ;, & ldquo; Інdelіka & rdquo; and many others.

To place an order, you must fill out a standard form on the website, confirm the purchase and pay for the service in a convenient way. Novus shop accepts payment both in cash to the courier on the spot and by credit card.

The Novus network guarantees:

  • a large assortment of products from the leaders of the meat industry & mdash; on kebabs, in marinade and without, cutlet meat, boiled, etc.;
  • convenient navigation of the site and filters, with which it is easy to select a brand, type of meat and its weight;
  • available prices for high-quality fresh products;
  • the possibility of fast home delivery or self-pickup.

Not only residents of Kiev can buy any commodity item, since delivery is carried out throughout the territory Ukraine. From online shopping you get comfort, time and money savings.

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