An incredible test: You need to select the pond in the picture and then You will know what lies ahead!

Considering that water makes up 60 percent of our bodies, no wonder we are so strongly connected with this dynamic element.

Неймовірний тест: Вам потрібно вибрати водойму на картинці і тоді Ви дізнаєтеся, що чекає попереду!

Considering that water makes up 60 percent of our bodies, no wonder we are so strongly connected with this dynamic element, reports Rus.Media. Suggest you go through an unusual test to determine personality based on the water. Whichever pond you choose, you will learn interesting information about themselves and their future.

Неймовірний тест: Вам потрібно вибрати водойму на картинці і тоді Ви дізнаєтеся, що чекає попереду!

To learn the secrets of your personality, sit back and not think about anything. Now consider these reservoirs. Mentally select the image which you like. Once the choice is made, read on your results.

PICTURE No. 1 – Calm ocean

You — delicate nature, you are comfortable, you are generous and sensitive. Do you possess empathy and warmth, you give joy to others. You are hardworking and appreciate the responsibility, but most of all you like to put everything aside and have fun. Do you possess empathy (empathy and sympathy, all that you miss through itself.

For most people you is a mystery. One part charismatic and sparkles with emotion, and the other is closed and quiet. Sometimes you are ready to go on an adventure and explore the world, but most often happiness brings you home furnishings and quiet. But you have something permanent that you’ll never make a promise you can’t keep, and you always do everything with full dedication.

Calm ocean — a symbol of distance, change and periodicity. You will soon go to a special trip. Whether physical or mental experience, but you will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to explore hitherto uncharted territory. If you take advantage of this chance, your life will change in unexpected ways and will bring considerable rewards.

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PICTURE No. 2 – Rapid river

The lively river means thoughtful, observant and curious person who seeks answers. You like learning and trying new things. Although you are curious to meet new people, you are most happy alone with my thoughts. You love to explore the world around them and feel a connection with nature and Earth. You really love animals, and they have.

Thanks to your calm and warm energy friends are always happy to refer to you when they need a shoulder to cry on. You value your relationship and are very sentimental. You show much concern about their property and about the house, do everything with full dedication.

Urna the river is a symbol of reflection, development and movement. Soon you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons in unexpected ways. Perhaps it will be a journey, a new friendship or some opportunity, in any case, it will change your life for the better. Don’t miss your chance!

PICTURE No. 3 – Glaciers

Glacial water means brave, energetic, and sometimes even mystical personality. You can entice others, you have the power all together this makes you a natural leader. No matter what scenario, you always notice the smallest details that others usually miss. You have instincts, you are well versed in the people, and they value your opinion and intuition.

Since you like to explore and try new things, you are always the life of the party, parties or travel. You can have fun and laugh. You value loyalty, honesty and consistency, and if you make promises, always perform.

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Glacial water is a symbol of stability, depth and adventure suggests that you will soon get a nice job and will be rewarded according to merit. Perhaps you wondered to take it, but you better believe in yourself, and you learn about something unexpectedly new.

PICTURE No. 4 – a placid lake

The choice of a calm lake reveals a calm, practical, and easy-going nature. Not to say that you absolutely secular person, but happy to meet new people and expand social circle. The calmer you feel surrounded by nature and respect any form of life. You possess sincerity and warmth, you bring happiness to those you love.

You are very generous and compassionate, will gladly give his last shirt (even if wearing them) to whomever needs it. And people, being in trouble in the first place to seek help just to you — and for moral support, and material. For you characteristic modesty and hard work. You are the salt of the Earth, you have a very good heart.

Tranquil lake — a symbol of strength, honor and loyalty — you will soon trust a business that requires a lot of responsibility, which will bring many wonderful fruits. At first you might think that you are the right person for this job, but just know that you no this job is done. The game will not be worth the candle!

PICTURE No. 5 – Stormy waterfall

If you chose a waterfall, then you are a strong, passionate and emotional nature. You have a special magnetism and a contagious energy. You zazhigatelnoe, you are not boring, you love being a child. You like to delve into their thoughts or to explore new lands, you have a very active imagination. You — nature creative (but this is known only to the chosen).

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You always think soberly, despite the fact that you supervise the emotions and your heart, not the mind. You are very passionate and love to laugh. And though you tend to dramatize, you can’t stand drama in a relationship. You are romantic, caring, always true. You love beauty and order.

A violent waterfall — a symbol of joy, celebration and energy. You will soon receive glad tidings, which wanted to hear for a long time. Perhaps they will come to you not as you expected, but it will be the beginning of a very joyful Chapter of your life.

PICTURE No. 6 – Small pond

You are a peace — loving and calm person, often an introvert. You find joy in the small moments of life; what others may seem insignificant (crawling ladybug, a colorful rose, the wonderful East), is lovely and wonderful. Obnoxious loud talking and rude behavior, so you stay away from drama and chaos. You appreciate the tranquility, comfort and peace.

You have a delicate nature, that like you, you’re honesty and sincerity, and that you appreciate friends. Maybe your voice sounds to others is not as loud, but you are patient, strong and emotional.

Small pond — a symbol of home, serenity and tranquil — it means that your family will soon be more. Maybe someone is born, or someone will adopt (new family member can be on two legs or on four legs), and there will probably be an extension of ownership.

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