An eyewitness filmed the unidentified flying object in the night sky

Очевидец заснял полет неопознанного объекта в ночном небе

A strange object flying on the moon background.

Recently the inhabitants of a small province in Indonesia were able to observe quite a strange phenomenon. In the evening, by moonlight, they noticed an unusual object that had a curved shape and extra large size, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

What he saw immediately was recorded. The video quickly spread on the Internet and attracted the attention of many users.

UFOlogy after a study confirmed that video is genuine. But despite this, no one can not even imagine what can be this strange object and where it came from. The expected hypothesis was that this alien spacecraft.

Other Internet users believe that this is a secret space ship, which moved the military. Even part of users suggests that this can be a huge living creature that looms over Acecom.

It should be noted that in Indonesia, there are legends that tell about the ancient chariots that resemble the Vimanas (they are often mentioned in ancient Indian literature).

Hubble took a picture of the galaxy in the constellation Virgo

If you believe the legends, these chariots move evil forces, which bring people a lot of trouble and misery. It is therefore not surprising was that the Indonesians were too scared of what he saw.

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