An asteroid the size of the Cheops pyramid will fly near the Earth

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 An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid will fly near the Earth

Today, August 20, an asteroid will fly by our planet, which in size can be compared with the pyramid of Cheops.

Scientists believe that an asteroid called 2019 AV13 has a length of 100 to 230 meters.

According to experts, the space body will approach the Earth's surface and overcome 13.8 lunar distances on its way.

The last time such a a large asteroid flew past the Earth about 100 years ago, in 1914, but the next time is predicted in 2113.

“The interval of 100 years between the events — a purely statistical construction based on the number of objects of a certain size, their orbits and an arbitrary distance, so 100 years – this is the average. In fact, it is just as likely that we will have another such close approximation next year as we will in a century,” — said Jay Tate, director of The Spaceguard Center observatory.

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