An aid to conquer the world market of valves

Une aide pour conquérir le marché mondial des valves

OxO Fab, a small business located in the industrial park Henri-Girard in Chicoutimi, will attempt to conquer a part of the global market with valves for the mining sector. It has developed a new patented system in sixty countries and using aluminum as the basic material.

The assembly plant has been the subject of an announcement at a press conference, Friday, in the presence of the liberal member for Lac-Saint-Jean, Richard Hébert, where a repayable assistance of 568 220 $ has been announced under the economic development Program of Quebec for the realization of this investment of $2.1 Million.

The company was founded in 2012 has developed a new generation of valves including aluminum components which include an opening mechanism patented to replace the sleeve of rubber with a great economy of time, ” says Frederic Ruelland, vice-president of OxO Fab and inventor of the system.

The mechanism developed so that the valve OxO opens in two, which does not require that it be déboulonnée and replaced by another on the line of conduct, the time to replace the sleeve. “My partner Frederic Ruelland has developed this innovative system to maintenance and safety as valves aluminum industry, it did not exist. Together, we established the company, ” says Clement Simard, president of OxO Fab.

Une aide pour conquérir le marché mondial des valves


According to him, the time of replacement of the sleeve valves may be reduced to approximately 15 minutes with the new system, compared to three or four hours with two mechanics in the piping. “These new valves can be produced for pipes whose diameter varies between three and twelve inches in diameter,” explains Dr. Ruelland.

In terms of the market, OxO is currently in the commercialization phase. “Our technology is patented in 60 countries. Our distribution network stretches across 24 countries with 50 points of sale in the world, ” says Mr. Simard.

The casting of the aluminium parts is performed by the Foundry Paber of Rivière-du-Loup, while the sleeves of rubber which are manufactured in Berthierville.

Asked about its planned sales targets in the business plan for the first year, Mr. Simard indicated that he preferred to keep this information secret.

However, Rio Tinto, a major producer of aluminum in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, would it have demonstrated its interest to install valves OxO in the interior of its facilities within the framework of a demonstration project.

SCP 89 inc.

In addition to helping to OxO Fab, the member Hebert has announced a repayable contribution of $ 120,000 to the firm, SCP 89 inc. for adding a robotic welding cell at the leading edge for its activities of manufacturing of components for industries such as forestry and mining.

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