An actress from “The Way of Honor” left the stage, it came true most …

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An actress from “The Way of Honor” left the stage, it came true most …

Actress Silvia Petkova, who has recently become very popular with her role in the series “The Way of Honor”, has apparently decided to end her engagements at the Sofia Theater. She admitted this on social media with the thought of Jean-Luc Godard: “Behind the theater is life, and behind life is the theater” and added: “Thank you, friends for everything.”

She is in the frame with her colleagues Neda Spasova, Simona Halacheva, who starred in another Nova series – “Stolen Life”, actor Rosen Belov and director Kalin Angelov.

The photo is probably from the rehearsals of the new play “Flowers” by Teodora Ivanova-Dodo, which they are preparing in the theater. Silvia Petkova had to take part in the production. The actress, who is always so real and captivating, in every heroine she plays, will for now appear on the small screen as Kera from “The Way of Honor”.

In “Sofia Theater” she made an excellent role in the production “Consent”, which unfortunately is no longer played. Kalin Vrachanski’s ex admitted that she had indeed applied to leave the theater, but she maintained a great relationship with her colleagues and the director.

“I felt that one of my biggest fears was coming true – inertia, routine. I went freelance. I work a lot and I was afraid that I was waiting for someone to give me a role. I finally decided to believe in myself.” announced Petkova, writes Telegraph.


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