An abandoned ship has become an island: impressive video

Покинутий корабель перетворився на острів: вражаюче відео

During the Second world war, the case of the steamer City of Adelaide was used as a target for bombers, Royal Australian air force. And now the ship of the 19th century, which is located off the coast of Australia, is covered with mangrove trees.

The steamer City of Adelaide was built in Scotland and launched on 22 December 1863. The ship operates scheduled passenger services between Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. Few years the ship was converted into a sailing ship. One day it ran aground in the Gulf of Kokb where is to this day.

During the Second world war the wreckage of the City of Adelaide as a target used bombers military-air forces of Australia. Now half destroyed ship, covered with mangrove trees and looks like an island.

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