Amy Schumer was surprised by the details of your pregnancy

Эми Шумер удивила подробностями свой беременности

A few days ago it became known that the popular comedienne is expecting first child. While the famous blonde does not report the approximate date of appearance of the offspring of the light, however, the creative American does not intend to give up your career and enjoy the future motherhood is camera. So today the star of the film “Beauty on his head” has pleased fans of the new photograph, which was published in one of social networks. It is worth noting that Amy Schumer captured themselves, after having eaten a few dishes. By the way, the shot was a parody of the frame that was used during the filming of the movie “Seven”.

Additionally, the famous blonde added a photo with the comment: “the First trimester is turning me into this.” In this Hollywood actress laid her head down on the table, feigning fatigue. It is noteworthy that the first movie was released on wide screens in 1997. By the way, starring iconic actors, brad pitt, Kevin spacey and Morgan Freeman. Recall that the father of the child was the husband of Amy Schumer. Writes the famous blonde went for the first time down the aisle at the beginning of 2018. Thus the elect of the actress is equally well-known chef.

A 37-year-old American took a vacation with the portrayal of the main resorts of Spain and Italy. However, the lovers carefully concealed affair, preferring not to divulge details of the relationship. And the wedding Hollywood actress and the chef was a real surprise for fans of Amy Schumer. It is worth noting that the blonde gained worldwide fame thanks to the comedic performances in the genre of stand-up and filming movies. American today is the presenter the author’s TV program on one of the entertainment channels.

Эми Шумер удивила подробностями свой беременности


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