Amsterdam will return Kandinsky's painting to a Jewish family

Amsterdam will return the Kandinsky painting to the Jewish family

Amsterdam City Museum & quot; Stedelijk & quot; must return the painting by Wassily Kandinsky, bought from his family in the 1940s.

This decision was made under pressure amid protests.

“ Painting with houses '', which , believed to be worth at least $ 22 million, should be transferred from the city museum to the family of Irma Klein, who has been fighting in court for the return of the painting for about 10 years.

Klein and her husband sold houses & quot; in the 1940s, having received then in the modern equivalent, about $ 1,600. They needed money to survive the Holocaust.

A conference on Jewish material claims against Germany considers the painting stolen. The Dutch authorities admitted this, but stated that the “ public interest '' to have the painting exhibited at Stedelijk outweighs the interests of the family.

This position has provoked international pressure and protests, including from Dutch officials.

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