Amsterdam: owners of vacant homes will be fined

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 Amsterdam: empty property owners to be fined

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In Amsterdam, homeowners are waiting for unpleasant innovations. Owners of empty housing will be forced to either move into it themselves or rent it out. The authorities decided that houses and apartments should not be empty. Those who do not comply with such conditions face significant fines. The relevant law may come into force as early as December.

Amendments to the law may be approved in the near future, and then the system of fines will come into effect from December this year.

Such stringent requirements to the owners of empty housing are connected with the fact that a housing crisis has arisen in Amsterdam. In the capital of the Netherlands, many people are in dire need of a roof over their heads. And at the same time, many apartments in the city are empty. Therefore, the authorities decided to “stimulate” owners of uninhabited apartments rent them out or live there themselves.

“We have too little housing. Many houses are uninhabited for no reason. Yard that we can fix this, because empty housing in such situations— this is unjustified. We will ensure that the houses will be used for what they are intended for – to live in,” said Deputy Mayor Zita Pels.

Those who do not comply with the requirements of the law will be fined 4,500 euros. An even stricter penalty is provided for rentiers who earn on rental housing – 9,000 euros.

The bill still needs to be approved by the Amsterdam City Council. If the deputies support it, the law will come into force on the first day of winter and will be valid until at least 2025. At the same time, the mayor’s office promises to help homeowners calculate rent at market value.

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