Amos Yadlin: Israeli government should be tougher on Hezbollah

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 Amos Yadlin: Israeli government should be tougher on Hezbollah ;

The former director of the INSS Institute for Strategic Studies and former head of AMAN military intelligence, Amos Yadlin, believes that the lack of a tough response to the aggressive attacks of the Shiite party and the evasiveness in assessing the situation on the northern border only increases Nasrallah's self-confidence. As a result, Hezbollah there may be a false impression that there will be no serious military response in the event of an attack on the gas platforms.

Yadlin believes that the parties' unfounded belief that the enemy “is not can become a starting point for large-scale military operations. In his opinion, Israel should have not only destroyed the Hezbollah UAV when it invaded the airspace over the Israeli economic zone, but also made it clear to Nasrallah that such provocations could lead to war, as in 2006.
< br /> The analyst also calls for the start of gas production at the Karish field, as planned. Israel has a legal right to this, and the Lebanese side does not dispute it in the negotiations. This will clearly demonstrate that Jerusalem is not afraid of reactions from Hezbollah.

Yadlin insists that Israel should make it clear that it will not negotiate under threats, much less under fire. Any Hezbollah attack should put an end to the negotiations.

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