Amor en Custodia: where is Paola Núñez, ‘Barbie Bazterrica’ in the SUCCESSFUL telenovela?

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Amor en Custodia: where is Paola Núñez, ‘Barbie Bazterrica’ in the SUCCESSFUL telenovela?

Great commotion has caused the announcement that ‘Love in custody‘will be broadcast again on open television by the signal of Aztec One, one of the TV soaps plus successful from the Ajusco television station and that it continued to maintain the affection of its fans despite the fact that 16 years have passed since its premiere.

The main plot addresses ‘Juan Manuel Aguirre’ (Sergio Basañez), who comes to work as a bodyguard for the millionaire businesswoman ‘Paz Achaval’ (Margarita Gralia), after avoiding her kidnapping. However, the story that stole the spotlight was that of the daughter of ‘Paz’, ‘Barbara Bazterrica‘, known as’Barbie’ (Paola Nuñez) and his bodyguard ‘Nicolás Pacheco’ (Andrés Palacios) who have a passionate romance.

The success of the melodrama was largely due to ‘Barbie‘, character of Paola that marked a before and after in his career, from his spoiled and whimsical personality to his style and sense of fashion, but above all for his famous phrases. Before this the fame from actress catapulted to the point of moving away from the TV soaps and try your luck at Hollywood.

After doing the soap opera ‘Queen of Hearts‘for Telemundo in 2014, which he recorded on Miami, Paola decided to stay in USA and after a while he had participations in the series’The Son‘with Pierce Brosnan and the Amazon Prime adaptation of’The Purge’.

Despite this, Paola I didn’t get a role in a major production, but the wait ended when I was taken into account to play ‘Rita Secada‘, Head of Advanced Miami Action and Response (ARMA), in’Bad Boys For Life‘, the third part of the famous franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which premiered in early 2020.

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Since then, many wonder in where has been working Paola Nunez and the answer is that the actress is in the recordings from the live action series of ‘Resident Evil‘, which will be based on the famous horror video game and will now have the production of Netflix. The first season will have eight episodes and will have a budget of 150 million dollars, and the mexican will participate at interpret a ‘Jade Wesker‘, the adopted daughter of a scientist responsible for a biochemical accident that brings the dead back to life.

This is how little by little, Paola has been cementing his career in USA and now we just have to wait how his performance will be received in the serie from ‘Resident Evil‘, which is expected to reach Netflix on 2022 and that has caused great expectation.



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