Among the gods of the Maya civilization found “Batman”

Среди богов цивилизации майя нашли "Бэтмена"

The mythical creature had the head of a bat on the human body.

Most modern stuff is just a copy of well known. But, certainly, many people even could not imagine that the ancient Mayans worshipped the God with human body and head of a bat, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

The creature had very sharp ears. It was called Camazotz. In appearance the ancient God too much like a modern superhero Batman.

Camazotz is a creature from the mythology of the Mayans, about which virtually nothing is known. This deity is described as the ruler of life, death and mysteries. For some time God was considered a deadly bat. Mention Kamatchi there are very few and some of them not translated until today.

Some time ago, scientists managed to establish that the luxurious Mayan temples in specially built in order to worship this deity. The altars of the ancient tribe made from good quality of gold and they went exclusively to the East.

An eyewitness filmed the unidentified flying object in the night sky

People believed that God bats are incredibly strong and can easily cure the most severe disease. In addition, he cut the divine thread, which connected the body and soul of man.

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