Ammunition for a howitzer found in a pile of rubbish in Moscow

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 Ammunition for a howitzer was found in a rubbish heap in Moscow

An entire set of howitzer ammunition was found at a waste processing plant in Moscow.

According to Baza, an employee of the EcoLine waste processing plant found the ammunition set. during waste sorting. In the process of work, a plant employee stumbled upon a strange object that looked like a TNT checker. Noticing other suspicious items, he called the police.

Operatives found a training ammunition for howitzer in a pile of rubbish. Someone threw out a box of ammunition containing dozens of explosive packages, imitation and signal cartridges, packages of saltpeter and gunpowder, electric igniters.

Investigators have already established the path of the truck that brought the waste. A search is underway for the one who threw out the ammunition.

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