Amir Baram: Palestinians are trying to drag Lebanon into violence

 Amir Baram:

The head of the Northern Command of the IDF, Major General Amir Baram, said that Palestinian terrorists were behind the missile attack from Lebanon. According to him, the Palestinians are trying to drag Lebanon into violence.

Ynet reports.

“Just less than 48 hours ago, we faced a Palestinian terrorist attempt to disrupt our daily routine from Lebanon. In response to one rocket that landed in Israel without causing damage, the IDF fired more than 50 artillery shells into Lebanese territory,” he said.

Baram continued, “Certain parties wanted to ignite another arena and disrupt the daily routine of civilians. We will not allow this. We are going through difficult days, the combination of the spring holidays and Passover with the month of Ramadan creates tension, which is used by Palestinian terrorists who are trying to drag Lebanon into violence.”

The Israeli general recalled the consequences of attacks on Israel.

Speaking to the leader of Hezbollah, Amir Baram said: “In previous attempts, you made mistakes and acted from Lebanese territory against Israel, you paid a high price and, in fact, returned Lebanon decades ago. Two days later, Hezbollah will mark Iranian Quds Day, an event celebrated by Iran and its various puppets. Every year, Nasrallah arrogantly and hostilely celebrates this day, but it is important to remember that even on this “holiday” he won't dare leave his bunker where he's lived for years.”

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