American will pay 25 thousand dollars to anyone who can help him to find his soulmate

Американець заплатить 25 тисяч доларів тому, хто допоможе йому знайти другу половинку

The man is willing to pay 25 thousand dollars for the second half

47-year-old bachelor Jeff Gebhart from the American city of Prairie village in Kansas promises to pay $ 25 thousand to the person who will find him a mate. But, of course, there are some conditions.

Lucky, which will introduce Jeff with the girl of his dreams, will not get all the money at once. Jeff said he would pay $ 5 thousand after the first anniversary with the new girl. The amount will be paid within 5 years. That is, the matchmaker will receive the promised money, only if the couple do not disperse during this period.

His proposal Gebhart explains that he was tired of Dating the traditional way and online Dating sites a man and is considers toxic. According to him, he decided to think outside the box. Together with psychologists Jeff created a website, worked a floor of year. In a two-minute video the bachelor says that he was not married but was in long-term relationships. He has no children but has a beloved dog named gunner. In addition to $ 25 thousand, which will be the one who will find him a girl, still the same Jeff will list a charitable organization or to the account of shelter for dogs.

Girls can meet Jeff, filling in the questionnaire, which was developed by the psychiatrist. For answers he will see there is perspective in the relationship with the other woman. But to pay the girl for acquaintance a man is not going to.

Jeff thinks this is the easiest and most convenient way to start a relationship, but hopes that such approach will justify itself.

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