American ten years put the lottery on the same figures: the efforts paid off

Американец десять лет ставил в лотерею на одни и те же цифры: усилия окупились

He couldn’t believe his luck.

An American resident of the city of Bowie, Maryland, for ten years playing the lottery with the same numbers and finally hit the jackpot, reports the with reference to

62-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous, has once again played the lottery Cash 5, using the lucky combination of numbers. On may 23, the gamblers checked the results of the drawing: he has won 50 thousand dollars.

“I couldn’t believe it, — says the winner. — I looked at a winning hand and said, “Wait, so it’s my number!””.

Lucky the man admitted that he no longer flowing lotteries Cash 5 after a single case. According to him, one day he could not play the lottery and his lucky number brought victory to someone else.

American plans to spend part of the cash prize for the purchase of washing machines, dryers and new doors for the garage.

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