American scientists have found that the peel of apples slows the growth of cancer cells

The scientists found that the rind of this fruit can save humanity from deadly diseases

American scientists have found that the peel of apples has anti-cancer properties.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin conducted an experiment that showed that the antioxidants contained in the peel of apples can slow the growth of cancer cells of prostate tumors and is also useful in breast cancer.

In recent experiments, scientists have established, what happens to cancer cells when they are in contact with the extract of the Apple varieties Gala. It turns out the cells from tumors in the prostate and breast slower growing and less live after exposure to extract from the peel. There was also an increase in the level marpin, a protein that helps to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

Experts on the basis of the results of the study recommend not to peel the apples peel before they eat. Also, experts reminded that this is not only the positive properties of apples. Earlier it was possible to prove that these fruits are also useful for the health of the cardiovascular system.

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Earlier we wrote that scientists have determined which foods are healthier eaten together than separately. They found that apples and raspberries reduce the risk of cancer.

There are many different products that are beneficial to our body and improve your health and appearance. Recent studies have shown that when combining some of their products good for people increases significantly.

According to scientists, apples is not only healthy and delicious fruit, but also important for the human body antioxidant quercetin, which fights cancer cells. To enhance its effect, you will need antioxidant allynova acid, which in large quantities contains in raspberries, cranberries, pomegranates and walnuts. If you eat as often as possible apples with raspberries or cranberries and nuts (for example, you can add them to the morning cereal), you can help the body fight the “bad” cells.

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