American scientists have designed the robot for blood sampling

Американські вчені сконструювали робота для забору крові

The robot can facilitate the process of blood collection

Engineers from Rutgers University in new Jersey, successfully tested the robot for blood sampling. As Engadget writes, he copes with its tasks better than people: using ultrasound scanner machine faster and more accurately finds the vein enters the needle.

During experiments found that the overall performance indicator the work was 87%, and among people with easily accessible veins – 97%. As noted in the report, this figure is higher than among health care workers.

When working with patients with poorly visible veins, nurses often miss, and several times the needle. This, according to the creators of the robot, not only slows down the process of blood sampling, but also causes injury to veins. They claim that with the new robot such problems will be less. In addition, the device is equipped with a module for analysis, where blood is pumped immediately after the fence.

Американські вчені сконструювали робота для забору крові

The robot finds a vein faster than nurses

While developers are improving the functionality work, and upon completion, plan to put it to hospitals and ambulances.

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