American military pilots are told of encounters with “UFOs”

Американские военные летчики рассказали о встречах с «НЛО»

The pilots of the U.S. air force can’t give a rational explanation for what he saw.

In an interview with New York Times pilots of the U.S. air force admitted about the strange events during a training flight off the East coast of the United States, which took place in 2014. According to the pilots, they are often recorded on radar UFOs, one of which even managed to consider in detail, reports the with reference for Today.

Lieutenant Ryan Graves and Danny Accoun in an interview said that both were pilots of squadron VFA-11, based in Virginia and is part of the U.S. Navy. The strangeness started to happen when the F/A-18 Super Hornet has established a more sensitive radar, capable of capturing targets at longer distances. After that, the pilots were regularly detected in the air at a height of 9 km of unidentified flying objects which could not be seen with the eyes and fix the camera.

UFO in the sky have made it impossible for normal aircraft movement, and “somersaults”. Velocities ranged from nearly zero to hypersonic, and the duration of stay in the air could reach more than 12 hours.

In early 2015, one UFO almost collided with two flying near airplanes flying between them. Such a dangerous maneuver allowed the pilots to carefully consider the object – it looked like a ball that was entered CC With the likes of pilots have never experienced and can’t give a rational explanation for what he saw.

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