Amber Heard's property may be arrested after the trial with Depp

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 Amber Heard's property may be seized after Depp's trial

The court ordered ex-wife of Johnny Depp Amber Heard to pay the actor $ 15 million in compensation, however, according to Hurd's lawyer, she cannot do this because she cannot has such finances.

According to People, if Depp's team insists on payments, the actress's property may be seized.

The media still believe that the money for the actor is not important, his priority was to keep his good name. However, the situation could turn the other way, and then a new separate lawsuit could be launched, during which the actress's property could potentially be seized, establishing payment methods.

“I believe — if I was in Depp's team — they will consider obtaining an injunction to prevent Amber Heard from repeating statements that the jury found defamatory and then stipulating that no payments will be made and no judgment will be made.” — Legal Analyst Emily D. Baker told People reporters.

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