Amber Heard predicts the collapse of her acting career

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 Amber Heard predicts the collapse of her acting career

Western experts predict the collapse of Amber Heard's acting career after her loss in court to ex-husband Johnny Depp. She is also facing bankruptcy because she does not have the funds to pay Depp compensation.

“Heard is facing a lot of problems in light of his defeat in court. In terms of her career, Hollywood bosses are unlikely to consider her for further roles. Financially, the actress and witnesses hinted at her money problems, while Depp's huge support could lead brands and companies to shun her, – Writes The Daily Mail.

British PR expert Mark Borkowski also questioned Heard's continued success in Hollywood.

“There is no turning back for Heard in Hollywood. If you're sitting there making a movie or thinking about her involvement, are you going to hire her? Look at the huge uproar over Aquaman 2. A court session pollutes any reputation,” he said.

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