Ambassador Erdan: 75 years UN promotes false story about Jewish Nakba

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 Ambassador Erdan: 75 years UN promotes false story about Jewish “ Nakbe”

The Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations, headed by Ambassador Gilad Erdan, opened a unique exhibition dedicated to the “Jewish Nakbe” at the UN on Tuesday in memory of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran, which will take place on Wednesday.

The exhibition was launched as part of Ambassador Erdan's fight against the misconception that the UN is promoting on this issue. The exhibition includes historical documentation illustrating the life of Jews in the Arab countries and Iran.

Gilad Erdan says: “For 75 years here at the UN, a completely false story about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been told. A story that erases the real Nakba that took place immediately after the announcement of the partition plan”.

“A day after the decision was made, the Jews were forcibly and brutally expelled from the Arab countries and Iran. This year, after a long struggle, we managed to place an exhibition with photographs documenting the history of the real Nakba. I will continue to fight for the truth and against the false narrative that the Palestinians and their supporters are spreading, — Ambassador added.

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