Amazon warehouse collapse: outrage escalates over loss of life

Amazon warehouse collapse: outrage grows over loss of life

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There is growing outrage in the US over the fact that employees of an Amazon warehouse in Illinois and a candle factory in Kentucky remain in their jobs despite a warning from the National Weather Service of an impending tornado a few days before the tragedy.

This was reported by the World Socialist Web Site.

Six people died as a result of the collapse of an Amazon warehouse. And at the factory in Kentucky, eight workers have died, and the same number are still missing.

According to the publication, the vacancies posted by the Mayfield factory indicate that the shift lasts from 10 to 12 hours with mandatory overtime, which implies additional hours on Fridays or extension of shifts on weekdays. A tornado hit the facility just Friday night. Several inmates from the Graves County Jail worked there, according to the Washington Post.

Also, the plant recorded seven serious and five “ other '' violations of working conditions, including those related to maintenance, safety measures, and so on. A fine of $ 16,350 was imposed for three violations.

Rescue work continues at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois. At least 45 employees survived, according to Edwardsville Fire Chief James Whiteford. The warehouse employed about 190 people in multiple shifts, as well as many low-paid delivery contractors. It is currently unknown how many people were at work when the building was destroyed by the tornado.

It is clarified that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos threw a luxurious party the day after the tragedy, but it is not known whether he attended the event since he was in West Texas. As outrage began to build up, he posted a short tweet of condolences to the families of the victims and wishing the victims to recover.

“The warnings were broadcast long before their shift. Amazon fired me because I didn't risk my family's only car during a snowstorm, when visibility was almost zero at night. Amazon must take full responsibility for the deaths of workers & quot ;, & ndash; wrote a former company employee.

Relatives of the victims also said that Amazon does not care about the fate of workers at all, since the company only cares about productivity.

& quot; I want them to be held accountable. This would never have happened if their lives were more important than productivity '', & ndash; said the sister of one of the victims.

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