Amazon Music arrives in Colombia: this is how it works – Technology News – Technology

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Amazon Music arrives in Colombia: this is how it works – Technology News – Technology

In the world of streaming music, one of the representative brands that wants to compete strongly against Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and Deezer was yet to arrive in Colombia: it is about Amazon Music, from the giant technology conglomerate, which together with Amazon Prime and Amazon Alexa make up the brand’s content ecosystem.

From now on it is possible to contract the Amazon Music service in Colombia from $ 7,000 per month, for those who have an Amazon Echo smart speaker (they will only be able to listen to music through said device by asking for songs by voice); for $ 14,900 per month for a user on other devices and browsers; or for $ 23,900 per month for a family plan that contains up to six different users with separate accounts and access, all plans, to a catalog of more than 75 million songs of all genres.

In addition to this, you can access the HD quality (CD-like audio) at no additional cost, as well as a limited but growing number of songs in Ultra HD quality and in Dolby Atmos (your headphones or speakers must be capable of playback from such systems), all at no additional cost.

But in this regard, as well as with song listings localized to users’ local tastes, Amazon Music will be very similar to the rest of the competition. For this reason, the brand wants to differentiate itself in an innovative way: developing the local artists market.

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Support for Colombian artists

The platform has more than 75 million songs and millions of podcast options.

In conversation with EL TIEMPO, Federico Pedersen, head of Amazon Music for Latin America, explained that the brand wishes to become “a vehicle between artists and the public, helping to develop the local music market in Colombia.”

In this sense, according to Pedersen, in addition to developing a localized offer according to the tastes and preferences of users (with artificial intelligence technologies), “our service will be focused on the generation of local editorial content, not only music but also podcast”.

Amazon’s promise is to become a new engine of boost and promotion of artists and local record labels, generate alliances, exclusive content with music celebrities, both songs and podcasts and live broadcasts thanks to its alliance with Twitch, the social network for audiovisual content.

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Amazon Music technology

The platform, in addition to having local editors in charge of creating the lists of songs adjusted to the tastes and consumer trends in Colombia, also tells how it was to be expected due to its origin with a lot of technology for the adaptation of its content offer.

According to the head of Amazon Music for Latin America, the platform uses three different sources to optimize its recommendation engine: of the ‘likes’ and songs that the person is listening to; also of the interaction with playlists that the local publishers; and when people ask Alexa for songs.

The Artificial Intelligence engine will improve recommendations as it learns from these three sources per user”, Explained Federico Pedersen.

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