Amazon is preparing to release self-driving car: what we know about him

Amazon готовит к выпуску беспилотное авто: что о нем известно

Amazon decided to invest in the creation of an unmanned vehicle

Unmanned vehicles at Aurora Innovation Inc has received an investment from Amazon of $530 million. it is Reported that in addition to well-known companies, investors Sequoia Capital and Rowe Price Group.

Startup estimated at more than $2.5 billion.

Amazon готовит к выпуску беспилотное авто: что о нем известно

Aurora company founded by three renowned developers. Chris Warman previously led the project to develop systems of Autonomous cars to Google. Sterling Anderson is known for her work in Tesla over the software of the autopilot. Also in the team are drew Bagnall, which is one of the founders of the Uber units of advanced technologies.

Aurora Innovation Inc are already working with Hyundai Motor, Volkswagen AG and Byton Ltd. At this stage the company develops a software package and services of data transmission for transport networks and brands.

Amazon готовит к выпуску беспилотное авто: что о нем известно

Earlier it was reported that the American company Amazon has revolutionized the automotive field.

A shortage of drivers create difficulties in transport, partly because of low pay and complex graphics.

The lack of available workers and trucks is a big problem for a giant like Amazon, whose customers expect delivery in a relatively short time. The portal Reddit posted a photo of controlled truck, pulling on the rope for a trailer with the logo of Amazon Prime without the driver, suspecting Amazon to use unmanned trucks.

Almost a week later, American TV channel CNBC reported that Amazon is indeed using the vehicle created by the company for the production of self-propelled trucks Embark, to transport goods and the truck accidentally spotted last week, maybe one of these machines.

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The TV station did not disclose its sources, and therefore it is not clear whether these are based the approval solely on the picture of the portal Reddit or some insider information. Representatives Embark and Amazon has gone from a question about the deal between the two companies, though, and did not deny it.

Recall that you created a robot housekeeper: cleans and washes clothes, but there is one “but”.

As reported Politeka, scientists are developing a digital copy of a person: “the way to immortality”.

Politeka also wrote that the Japanese will create vehicles of the future announced launch date.


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