Amazing playgrounds in the world, which is a delight even for adults (PHOTOS)

Where fun not only for children but also for parents.

Modern playgrounds around the world just impress with their design and functionality. We have gathered for you the options that are not only interesting entertainment but also useful for children from the point of view of development.

I wonder: in 2012, American scientists proved that the best playgrounds for children are those where there are natural materials, including logs and live plants. They contribute more to the development of kids than playgrounds made of plastic and metal, even if they are painted in all colors of the rainbow.

Darling Quarter Playscape (Sydney, Australia)

Surrounded by cafes, restaurants and commercial office space is a play space for children includes the elements of nature: streams, hills, stylized boulders and sand.


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Maybe your childhood was also a bus for the game, but the children of Japan have a ride of them called Godzill, which consists of 3,000 tires.

Interesting: in 2011, the Norwegian scientists discovered that the game on the Playground is an integral part of the development of a healthy brain and body. In the study, they concluded that the risk (overcoming obstacles) during the game is an important component in the development process of the child.

Gulliver (Valencia, Spain)

A huge Playground is a recumbent figure of Gulliver is in the most beautiful city Park in the former riverbed of the river Turia.

Not only children, but adults here will definitely feel like Lilliputians, as the figure of the Gulliver consists of a variety of slides, ladders, rope trails, so this Playground can be a bit of play in the tale – to run, jump, climb and dance.

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Inflatable Playground on the water (Bol, Croatia)

On the project water city entertainment worked with the German company Wibit Sports GmbH, whose aim was to create a universal platform for family entertainment.

All the rides here inflatable: lots of swings, slides, playgrounds, where you can climb up as the rock. If you love water — you’ll love it here!


Underground Playground Bounce Below (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales)

A great place for those who love adventure and trampolines. The site is really under ground, to be precise — inside the Slate caves Llechwedd.

Earlier this place was mine, and now there are a variety of giant trampolines. Even more exciting attraction makes colored lights and music.

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