Amazing news for Starbucks lovers

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 Amazing news for Starbucks lovers

Vanilla and caramel coffee capsules have arrived in Israel.

After its success in Israel, Osem Nestle's Starbucks coffee brand continues to grow, expanding the variety of best-selling and favorite blends and is launching two new coffee blends in early 2023:

STARBUCKS caramel flavored coffee

STARBUCKS vanilla flavored creamy coffee

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You don't have to fly for the weekend anymore to Europe to taste special Starbucks coffee; Vanilla Flavored Capsules and Caramel Flavored Capsules bring the Starbucks coffee shop experience and specialty drinks straight to the Israeli consumer – straight to the home.

The new blends provide coffee with a refined taste and pure taste. Each capsule contains carefully selected 100% light roasted Arabica coffee beans and is suitable for brewing with or without milk to create a sweet and delicious cup.

Vanilla flavored Starbucks capsules have a subtle aroma of sweet vanilla sticks and biscuit . Starbucks Caramel Flavored Capsules contain delicate and clean flavor notes of smooth and buttery caramel.

Starbucks products are kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Basel and approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Coffee is sold in trade and pharmacy chains.

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