Amazing new data on the age of the moon revealed

 Striking new moon age data revealed

A study by scientists from the National Institute of Aerospace Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has forced science to reconsider the data on the moon. New input data have appeared in studies of geochronology and the history of the interaction of celestial bodies in the solar system, Xinhua reports.

Chinese astronomers have updated the geochronological model of the moon. Such models are built by comparing the radiometric ages of samples measured in laboratories and delivered to Earth by the American Apollo spacecraft. and the Soviet Luna spacecraft, with a compiled distribution of craters in these areas.

Such models have been widely used to determine the absolute age of various regions of the Moon. At the same time, in previous samples, there is an age gap between three billion years and one billion years ago, which corresponds to almost half of the history of the evolution of the moon. delivered a sample of basalt rock from the Moon, which is about two billion years old. By analyzing the distribution of craters by size and frequency, Chinese scientists updated the Neukum (1983) model, which is the most widely used geochronological model in planetary science.

According to the updated geochronological model, most of the lunar rocks turned out to be older than previously thought. The maximum difference is about 200 million years.

Scientists are confident that the updated geochronological model of the Moon will serve as the basis for developing analogues for studying the geochronology of terrestrial planets, including Mars and Mercury.

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