Alyona Alyona made a video on the day of the death of his grandmother

Alyona Alyona сняла клип в день смерти бабушки

Alyona Alyona made a video in a day grandmother’s death
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Repershu was supported by Jamal and crew.

Reparse Ukrainian Alyona Alyona confessed that he lost his grandmother on the day of filming the video for the track “JAL”, which they performed with Jamala. This helped feel more strongly about the song, she admitted in Instagram.

– These shots gave me a hard time. On this day my grandmother died and I became a hostage of circumstances. “But it happened, as it is …” – that was the day of the row JHA acquired a different meaning, because all of your emotions, acceptance and understanding I put into the filming process. And I’m sure that my grandmother was not offended, sincerely rejoicing that I am happy to be where I am and have the opportunity to share with people. I thank Jamal and all the crew for their support that day. First of all, we are human beings. No regrets – written by Alain Savranenko.

Lyrics born with the cooperation of Jamala, Аlyona Аlyona, Tatiana Milimko and Vladimir Makarov, and the music wrote itself Jamal. The idea of the work that wins not the one who always wins, and the person who doesn’t give up. In the middle of the track sound hip hop performed by alyona alyona.

Earlier Alyona Alyona showed what was in childhood and adolescence, and we decided to lose weight and pinned herself.

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