Along with the attack on Aleppo, the Iranian airport An-Nirab was attacked

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 Along with the attack on Aleppo, the Iranian An-Nirab airport was attacked< /p>

According to foreign press reports, at 02:07 am today, Israel attacked the international airport of the city of Aleppo in northern Syria with cruise missiles launched from aircraft, and disabled it.

However, additional reports from the attack area later showed that Israel had also launched a cruise missile attack on another Syrian military airport, An-Nirab.

It is located near the Aleppo International Airport . There are facilities and stores of weapons and ammunition of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who have taken control of the airport and use it only for their own purposes.

The operation of the airport is carried out in close cooperation with Hezbollah, which also uses it to receive military equipment directly from Iran.

According to the same reports, Israel struck and destroyed weapons and ammunition depots that were brought from Iran under the guise of humanitarian aid to the victims of the earthquake in northern Syria.

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