Almost no mileage: will go under the hammer 40-year-old Lincoln Continental

Майже без пробігу: з молотка піде 40-річний Lincoln Continental

The total mileage of the car is extremely modest

On the website Vanguard Motor Sales there was an announcement about the sale of Lincoln Continental Mark VI 1980. In the first year of operation the owner of the car drove about 2400 miles, then died. The second owner died having covered almost 200 kilometers.

Continental subsequently fell into the hands of a dealer in Wyoming, where the car is a little dollied up for sale: replaced the battery, belts and hoses, and installed a new gas tank and modified the air conditioning system.

In 2012 the car was sold old, who in two years of owning almost never sat behind the wheel, driving in the sum a little more than hundred kilometers.

Now, Vanguard Motor Sales is selling this Lincoln Continental Mark VI for 27,9 thousand dollars. The vehicle leads the 5.8-liter V8 engine capacity of 140 horsepower. A couple of the engine is Quad-band “automatic”.

Earlier auction house Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale was put up for auction 21 lot – cars and motorcycles, which belonged to the deceased Hollywood actor, star of “fast & Furious”, Paul Walker. Some of these machines have time to Shine on the big screen, for example, the Nissan 370Z. From the sale of machines, in addition to the mentioned 370Z, was seven BMW M3 E30 and E36 body styles, Chevrolet Nova Wagon 1963 model year, Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon 1964 Chevrolet Nova II 1967 Ford Bronco 1995, Ford Mustang Boss 302S 2013 release and pick-up Ford F-250 2003, as well as Nissan Skyline R32 1989 and others. With only hammer allowed eighteen cars and three motorcycles.

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