Alla Pugacheva will not participate in the Christmas lights

The famous Alla Pugacheva will not participate in the Christmas lights. About it on the social network Facebook was reported by the Director of the prima Donna Elena Chuprakova.

Алла Пугачова не буде брати участь у новорічних вогниках

This year on new year’s televised events, viewers may not see regular guest of Alla Pugacheva, reports Rus.Media. This was told to the audience by the Director of the singer Elena Chuprakova. The Russian pop diva recently does not like to Shine on the screens and in front of a live audience, also she rarely appears at social events.

One exception are birthdays of celebrities and private parties, where Alla Pugacheva shows itself in all its glory. She also visited the festival of “Heat” in Baku, arriving in the city by plane, although she doesn’t really like this kind of transport. Many assume that Diva fully immersed in motherhood and raising twins Lisa and Harry, which they with Maxim Galkin was born by a surrogate mother.

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