All twisted: Odessa, who had identified the coronavirus, appealed to subscribers

Усе перекрутили: одесит, у якого виявили коронавірус, звернувся до підписників

Odessa claims that all time is in isolation

Maxim Golovkin from Odessa, which is the city’s first confirmed middle East respiratory syndrome, wrote a post on the network, which dispelled doubts associated with your state of health and self-isolation.

On the page in stogram Maxim Golovkin noted that many mass media gave the story under the wrong sauce. So its true he decided to share with papinniemi.

“In some mass media there was information that I knew about his infection by the coronavirus, almost deliberately did not comply with the conditions of quarantine. Given the fact that it is an absolute lie, I want to provide real information,” wrote guy.

With his words, he arrived in Kyiv March 13 Austrian flight No. 661. On the plane and during further movement Golovko was wearing a mask. At the airport, as he says, it took a relative with whom he went to Odessa.

“By the way, I became ill, and after his arrival in the city, I immediately went to take a picture of the lungs. The showed a mild form of pneumonia, and I immediately went to the hospital. There, I took swabs of the coronavirus, twice measured the temperature, which was 36.7, listened to lungs with a stethoscope and said that no wheezing. I was prescribed treatment and given a choice: isolation or hospitalization. I chose self-isolation and adhered to it 100%”, – he said.

Later, – says the inhabitant of Odessa, it’s up to your guest house took relative.

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Message, common M. S. Golovkin (@ma777kc) 25 Mar 2020 9:02 PDT

“That’s the address I said in the hospital where I was actually in connection with the quarantine, where we were completely isolated from all, and not a fake address, as reported by the media. I also left my contact number that I could find at any time of the day,” – said Maxim.

The very same test for the coronavirus the man managed to pass until March 18. In addition, the test passed and his relative, because he had contact with Maxim. The tests showed that the virus in men.

“Only after obtaining the opinion on the absence of virus, I went to his home. Today suddenly became aware that my test, which was sent to Kiev, showed a positive result. For 12 days I have never had a fever, with all that I continued to be in isolation,” added the man.

Finally, he said that it would pass another test and will continue the isolation until, until you get the results.

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