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The film “All that I could” in recent weeks has become the most discussed among several generations of repatriates from the post-Soviet space. This film, shot by an Israeli director, touched many pain points at once: relationships and adult children, stereotypes, the impact of experienced violence on a lifetime. At the preview screenings, which took place before the film's release, the halls were filled to capacity.

For the first time, premiere screenings were organized for large communities on Facebook: “Russian girls without a sense of humor and their friends”; and “Russians for Russians”. These communities unite the so-called “generation and a half” Israelis – those who speak and think in Hebrew, but have behind them the experience of moving at a young age and a mixed mentality. The film caused a lot of discussion and debate, which went far beyond the plot, turning into a large discussion on social topics.

Observing this interest, for the first time the chains of Israeli cinemas have made a decision: the release of the film, which starts on September 8, in many cinemas will include 3 weekly evening screenings with subtitles in Russian. Yes Planet, Cinema City and Hot Cinema chains from Karmiel to Beer Sheva will be able to buy tickets for these screenings.

About the film “All I Can”

The main character – Reut, a young independent woman with a promising career in the prosecutor's office. Reut is 100% Tel Aviv, 100% Israeli and 100% Russian, because her family – this is a mother and grandmother speaking Russian.

Reut's orderly life is violated by a case of sexual harassment. At the same time, she falls in love with a divorced lawyer colleague, a loving father of two, a cheerful and energetic “typical Israeli”. A new business and a new love call into question her principles: complete independence, rejection of children and being as far away as possible from an overly emotional and assertive Russian family.

Role performer Reut – Anya Bukshtein, Israeli cinema stars Moni Moshonov, Maggie Azarzard Sabag, Roy Assaf, as well as famous theater actresses Elena Yaralova, Natasha Manor and Nadia Tikhonova also starred in the film. The opening of the film was the talented debutante Sharon Stibman, a student at the theater school. Film director – Shiri Nevo Friedenthal.

Watch the film “All I Can Do” from September 8 in cinemas in Israel.

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